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His impact on the study of natural history in both Britain and Australia cannot be overestimated.Banks organised Matthew Flinders' voyage on the Investigator (1801-1803) which helped define the map of Australia.

Serial Numbering The general public today is quite used to seeing our notes printed with uniform serial numbers - nearly all Australian notes issued since 1988 feature a four-digit prefix and a six-digit serial number.

Sir Joseph Banks Sir Joseph Banks was born on the 13th of February 1743 at Westminster, England.

After the settlement was established at Sydney Cove, he encouraged further investigation of the natural history of the area and became the acknowledged authority on matters relating to New South Wales.

Although today the Commonwealth Treasury focuses primarily on economic policy, during World War I it was concerned with a range of issues – pooling the production of primary goods and imposing price controls on household items were just two it was engaged with in addition to regulating the legal tender circulating Australia's monetary system.

In this context then, it is hardly surprising that frequent adjustments were made to Australia's circulating currency in it's early years of use!

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