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According to modern wisdom, humans evolved on Earth no earlier than two million years ago.

Yet many of these artifacts were made long before then. Could any of these anomalies have been the result of an advanced civilization once present on our planet?

Whether you're aiming to hole up with siblings for a low-key retreat into childhood reminiscence or to invite every cousin thrice removed to a tightly scheduled celebration of shared ancestry, organizing family reunions isn't as daunting as it sounds.

The last time that Jackie and Paul Deaton brought together their five children, plus children-in-law, plus 10 school-age grandchildren, was for a daughter's wedding a couple of years ago, with Jackie and Paul playing host.

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They rented six gaslit cabins for a week on the undeveloped shores of Indian Lake.

The Deatons hiked along cliffs near a bear cave, paddled canoes around the lake's loons, and held storytelling sessions by the camp's nightly fires.

So when the three Deaton generations reunited last year, they congregated at an unpretentious, 22-cabin Adirondacks camp called Timberlock (518/648-5494, June—Sept.; 802/453-2540, Oct.—May; family of four from 6; book at least a year in advance).

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with the National Park Service, the Riverside Hot Springs Inn is the only full-service hotel in town.

The Riverside Hot Springs Inn was built in 1914 and quickly acquired the label of “The Honeymoon Hotel” for its yesteryear elegance.

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