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Film actors making cameo appearances in various sketches included Rosanna Arquette, Ralph Bellamy, Griffin Dunne, Carrie Fisher, Steve Forrest, Steve Guttenberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kelly Preston, and Henry Silva, alongside television actors such as Ed Begley, Jr., Bryan Cranston, David Alan Grier, Howard Hesseman, Peter Horton, William Marshall, Joe Pantoliano, Robert Picardo, and Roxie Roker.

Other notable people in the cast included voice actors Corey Burton and Phil Hartman, talk show host Arsenio Hall, adult film actress Monique Gabrielle, science-fiction writer Forrest J.

Fictional television station WIDB-TV (channel 8) experiences problems with its late-night airing of science-fiction classic Amazon Women on the Moon, a 1950s B movie in which Queen Lara (Sybil Danning) and Captain Nelson (Steve Forrest) battle exploding volcanoes and man-eating spiders on the moon.

Waiting for the film to resume, an unseen viewer begins channel surfing—simulated by bursts of white noise—through late night cable, with the various segments and sketches of the film representing the programming found on different channels.

Watching Arsenio Hall have a really bad day just makes me have a good one. Jack the Ripper was the Loch Ness Monster The Actual Amazon Women on the Moon Personalized video dating taken to the next level Hairlooming A very confused “Invisible” Man played by Ed Begley jr.

How Don “no soul” Simmons used his disability to his advantage.

Here are the top 9 reasons why Amazon Women on the Moon is a true masterpiece.It's difficult to sum up what is so marvelous about the film without the reader actually having seen it, but this is a cult film viewer's dream.To sum up: a series of sketches and spoofy commercials make up a TV viewing in one crazy night.The only real difference I can see when I watch the two movies is that The Kentucky Fried Movie was made in the 70's, when standards were very loose and you could get away with a LOT more in movies compared to what you can get away with now.And Amazon Women on the Moon was made in the 80's, when the MPAA was starting to crack down on stuff like sex and nudity in movies.

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