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Founded by Diana Kalkoul and Neda Robat-Meily, two 20-something Sydneysiders who both have backgrounds in technology, the app aims to be LGBTQ-friendly from the start. that are kind of frustrated with the lack of inclusivity dating apps present people with," Kalkoul told The pair looked at dating apps like OKCupid — traditional and a bit slow — and Tinder — the first to double-down on mobile — but found none were quite right."Tinder always catered to the hetero-market first," she said, "so you could either be male, you could either be female ...

"We're creating a time pressure to push people to go out there and talk to people and get offline." While the location feature sounds somewhat similar to the app Happn, a comparison Kalkoul said she'd heard before, she argued that Winkd's check-in feature will also be an advantage.

"Just because you cross paths with someone, it doesn't actually mean you could have something in common with them.

Whereas if you are going to the same venues and you have the same interests, you'd probably have a lot more in common," she explained.

As a hopeless romantic, Bambina is afraid she won’t find love and thus approaches the dating scene cautiously.

She is a vegan and strong supporter of animal rights.

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While dating apps have exploded in popularity, they're most often built with straight, cisgender men and women in mind.

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