Black man killed for dating white women

The white racist accused of fatally stabbing a 66-year-old black man with a sword on a Manhattan street last week says that he killed the man as part of a ‘practice run’ during his mission to deter white women from interracial relationships. In an exclusive jailhouse interview from New York City’s Rikers Island, James Harris Jackson admitted to the Daily News his reasoning behind his alleged murder of Timothy Caughman, 66, of Jamaica, Queens.Jackson, 28, said that he planned to kill several black men because he imagined that it would stop white women from engaging in interracial relationships.“The defendant was motivated purely by hatred.” Illuzzi said Jackson was angered in particular by black men who date white women.Authorities said Jackson traveled from his home in Baltimore last week, picking New York because he hoped to “make a statement” in the media capital of the world.Black men have used this as a reason why they prefer the more “calm, level-headed” White woman.A racially charged fake news story about a black man killing white women and putting their corpses on ice has been spread around the Internet for the past year. "Police find 19 white female bodies in freezers with ‘Black Lives Matter’ carved into skin," read the headline on a July 20, 2016, post on Viral What if we started thinking of solutions, instead of just the problems?Because, as a people who have historically received so much hatred, we, Black women and men, so desperately deserve love and respect.

The post is made up, and it has changed a bit since first appearing early in 2016.There is no problem with a Black man dating interracial, but it becomes a problem if he refuses to date Black women based on stereotypes, preconceived notions and unconscious self-hatred.The first step to fixing the problems between Black men and women is for both genders to own up to their faults.“It’s like every other commercial in the past few years has a mixed-race couple in it,” he said.He also said that he considered the killing of Caughman to be ‘a practice run,’ which would pave the way for more murders of black men.

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