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Buy a ticket on the bus, which includes a connecting bus or metro ticket. A taxi should cost €21 to most city-centre destinations.

This is the best option late at night because the area around Principe station is a little unsavoury after dark.

[…] Groth [a pioneer in the field of sexual abuse of children] found that there are two types of child molesters: fixated and regressive.

The fixated child molester — the stereotypical pedophile — cannot be considered homosexual or heterosexual because “he often finds adults of either sex repulsive” and often molests children of both sexes.

Touch down British Airways (08; flies from Gatwick and Ryanair (08; from Stansted.

The GRAMMY-nominated electronic dance music superstar stands as one of music's most tireless the major summer music festivals throughout the world as well as prestigious residencies at mega-clubs in Las Vegas and Ibiza.

bad boy Jeremiah Raber and wife Carmela got married back in April, but the life of a reality star bride is not proving to be all sunshine and lollipops for this mother of four from Vancouver, Washington. Well, this is the last, last time I’m going to say this: Leave us alone.

Carmela found herself at the center of a controversy after production on a film set to star Jeremiah was shut down late last month due to “discrepancies with certain individuals involved with the film,” according to a statement issued by the production company. We’re going to live life and enjoy ourselves and be happy because from this day forward, we’re not going to give you any more satisfaction of responding to you guys.

The Italian Riviera has a micro-climate thanks to the mountains that rise up along the Mediterranean and protect it from northerly winds, so you can stroll in the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

On Maundy Thursday there is an evocative procession through the streets that dates from the 15th century.

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Reacting to widespread media coverage of law suits in the US and rest of the world, Governing Body member Anthony Morris III addresses the topic of Child Abuse in the latest installment of Jehovah’s Witnesses Broadcasting.

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