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This sort of discretion is appropriate for one of the few gay clubs open for business in a country where the LGBTQ population lives under constant threat of repression.Although state-sanctioned discrimination isn’t written into Third Reich–esque legislation like it is in Russia, in real terms, Serbia is a terrible place to live if your sexuality does not adhere to strict heterosexual norms.Barney Frank — celebrating his 76th birthday — were all in the house as Hill went on a roll."She told everyone, 'I have a million more votes than Donald, and oh, by the way, I have 2 1/2 million more than Bernie Sanders! We're also told that the boo birds came out when guest speakers mentioned Sanders. " she asked "I thought really hard about what I'd wear tonight being a fashion icon.

As with everything I write, the intent of this piece is to break down the stigmas surrounding the sex lives of gay men.

BELGRADE, Serbia—As my friend leads me toward the entrance to Pleasure, I realize that I have unwittingly passed it countless times before.

Situated on one of central Belgrade’s main thoroughfares, my favorite takeaway restaurant sits just around the corner, and we’re within spitting distance of Serbia’s national assembly.

With the center of the city on complete lockdown, a small, mild-mannered parade strolled through apocalyptically empty streets.

So it comes as little surprise that Pleasure’s facade gives away nothing of what goes on inside, and even during the club’s peak hours on Saturday night, the only thing likely to attract the attention of unsuspecting passers-by is the police van that sits parked out front in anticipation of any trouble.

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