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If they're still single, chances are they're pretty tired of dating, especially online dating.

They do not relish the chance to stay online even longer.

While most females commonly possess two X chromosomes, my sex chromosomes are XY.

The producers will need to break the 4th Wall — there are going to be cameras walking through — but it’s going to be live.

Not surprisingly, Jacob, in his early 30s, "felt he had no idea how to make a relationship work." Jacob knew this about himself before he ever created a profile.

But he says online dating made him more confident about his prospects.

And that seems to have made him more willing to give up on a girl and quickly move on to the next.

This is where Jacob's story departs so dramatically from my own and my friends': Most people I know who have had a screen name on a dating site—male and female friends, some of them in relationships and some of them still single; most of the guys I've gone out with—have genuinely wanted to meet someone.

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  1. He knew exactly whay he was doing and the police sting has messages from his cellphone and computer to prove he was paying for sex. And his wife cheated on him last summer and they split up and got back together. He also has girls cleaning his house when his wife is not home so the wife needs to ask her friends who cleans her house and her husbands took.