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To quote the 1965 They were aware that computers had been used to match people at special mixers and they knew that some companies in Europe were making a sizable profit from arranging compatible marriages through various technological means.“But what we wanted was something more permanent than a mixer, and more fun than a marriage bureau,” a member of the group recalls. The group is working on a timeline that will link back to their blog posts and provide a distributed history of online dating as their final project.For example, when you first started using Netflix, remember how it would show you things like “My Little Pony” episodes next to documentaries on the Russian prison system?

Initially, the program is going to have no idea who you’re into based on your behavior because it has no history of things to analyze.During the course of their presentation they shared this 2009 or 2010 infographic about the online dating industry that has a ton of interesting facts. If you’re a fan of Netflix like me, you love how it lines up a bunch of recommendations it thinks you’ll like based on what you rated and searched before. Netflix thinks you’ll like “Orange is the New black.” Thanks, Netflix. Researchers at the University of Iowa came up with their own version of how online dating sites match you with people, and it has less to do with what you say you like and more to do with the behavior of people you clicked on and responded to before. And then cuddle up on the couch with some nice romantic date movies. And how do you know it’s good to watch given the amorous mood you’re in?

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