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And while the Torah (Part I of the Bible for all you goyem) does make certain prescriptions for how and when you get to know each other biblically, certain cultural customs vary between -- and often within -- sects.

No matter where they may (or may not) stand on Christ, fans of the the Old Testament and New join ranks with just about every religious sect by disapproving of premarital sex.

Anything not approved will be confiscated and stored until after graduation.

While the good folks at Lackland Air Force Base have prepared this "official list" of items you'll need at basic training, any good recruiter will tell you that one of the first things you should do with this list is lose it. I.s") at basic training love it when everyone in their flight looks the same; acts the same; talks the same; owns the same stuff. Another reason to pack light is that when you graduate, you will only be allowed three bags (one carry-on and two bags that can be checked).

Meanwhile the family of the victim wait for justice.

I only have two government issue items from my two years of active duty in the Marine Corps: sable haired make-up brushes. I went though boot camp in the summer of 1974 at Parris Island .

It became a game of how long I could hang onto them. One interesting thing is the way in which women’s uniforms were made for maintenance compared to men’s.

Women were given those little cloth nametags with our names printed on them and required to sew them into every piece of uniform clothing. In boot camp we had to wash every piece of clothing by hand. Women’s uniforms were specifically made for home ironing.

Here's what I recommend you bring with you: Don't bring your own running shoes.

Except for the wool ones; if we sent them to the cleaners, they came back with all sorts of unacceptable creases. If they had a weird crease, well it was the laundry.

My platoon in boot camp in August 1974 was the last to be awarded the Vietnam Era ribbon, and Saigon had not yet even fallen. My career Navy pilot father tried to convince me to enter the Naval Academy when they began accepting women and my two years were up. There are only two real trailblazing events that I remember during my two years of active duty.

In stricter sects, married women are expected to cover their hair with some sort of covering and/or a wig.

Some extremely Orthodox women even go as far as to shave their natural hair once they’re married.

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