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It is arguably Joel’s best performance ever, a study of a man who just wants to get on with his days, but who finds himself unwillingly caught up in a political controversy as his wife finds a fire within her to fight for their right to love each other.And so the second act sees the film become Mildred’s story – and therefore Ruth’s – a woman who refuses to be told where she must live and who takes her fight all the way to the United States supreme court, and the press, which brings the film to its emotional conclusion.Ruth’s performance has garnered her an Oscar nomination and it’s wholeheartedly deserved; it’s one of those performances that is quiet but determined – there is nothing showy about her role, but there is a strength behind it that leads to you rooting for Mildred, even when we know the conclusion of the story.Michael Shannon, who has appeared in every single feature film made by Nichols, is a welcome addition in Loving in the small supporting role of Grey Villet, the Life magazine photographer who captured the pair in their home.

Here, Edgerton talks race, tolerance, and the lengths he went to to get into character. We’re here with a film that was made for a lot less money, and with a lot less glamour and moving parts. Yes, the spirits and the ghosts of those people and that world surrounded the shoot.READ MORE: Review: Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga Turn Jeff Nichols’ ‘Loving’ Into a Welcome Challenge to Hollywood Melodrama For Negga, Nichols’ approach to his work and his films was essential – as she tells it, “they’re as far away from formula as possible” – and the kind of thing that allowed her to embrace a role that she felt almost cosmically motivated to play. All the more extraordinary for their ordinariness, and look what they managed to achieve.'” The actress sparked swiftly to the couple’s obvious love and affection, finding an inspirational romance at the heart of one of the world’s most publicized legal cases.Indie Wire recently sat down with Negga at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film had its North American debut, and the actress got honest about how much the role – already much buzzed-about for awards consideration – took out of her (and how rewarding that was). '” Focus Features Negga’s interest in the Lovings eventually turned into one of those spiraling Internet searches that only lead her to more intriguing information, including a watch of Nancy Buirski’s 2011 documentary, “The Loving Story.” “I went searching,” she remembered. “Like most people who watch the documentary, [it was] immediate love at first sight with this couple,” she said.It’s a story of love and determination and oppression, and one that seems more relevant today than any other recent time in history, as civil rights and 21st century norms are rolled back in a political climate of fear. Virginia, a landmark civil rights decision, the film is a story of two halves.The first half is Joel’s as the stoic and quiet Richard, a man who just wants to love his wife, drink beers with his friends, and provide for his family.

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The presence of Grey forces Richard to realise that perhaps their story is bigger than just one man wanting to love his wife, and it also helps bring the story outside of the pair’s small town life for the audience, to capture the importance of the actions of two normal people. Virginia was a success for the Lovings and their lawyers, and saw the United States Supreme Court finally invalidate laws across all 50 states from prohibiting interracial marriage.

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