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What Harvey does not tell you is that he is talking about men who are not ready for a relationship (which is not all men), and he neglects to tell you that he (like most men) know that women won’t follow the advice he writes.So after all your new found information from reading the first book fails, he knows you will buy the second book because he gives you things you can do to help your relationship.And Instagram in particular has become a forum for people looking for love and for those dishing out guidance: the dating gurus, self-love authors, and so-called relationship experts.Spend a considerable amount of time on a social media platform and you’ll come across any number of quasi-authorities offering tips.But then you get to the philosophy behind the site, which Harvey kindly shared with Forbes recently. Online dating is great for people who want to go on a lot of dates - which means it’s good for men in Harvey’s mind, because only men are interested in playing the field.“A man doesn’t have any problem at all dating several or a wide variety of people until he finds the right one,” he says.The man is basically peddling common sense information (that should be followed by either gender) as if he’s hitting on some unknown deep topic. This is what happens when you let someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about have a platform to continue to spew their nonsense.

But if that mission statement doesn’t immediately raise a red flag, you’re not reading it correctly.But women think we’re bad because they don’t get us at all. Harvey also explores all those myths about men and how supposedly “complicated” they are, when in fact, they really are quite simple when compared to us women. Harvey tells us the truth about men and their words by translating their many different lines and actions into what they REALLY mean; so that the woman who is plagued by wishful thinking snaps out of it and smells the coffee.” – Ms. Siervo now thinks that all men are “simple” and she was thinking to hard about what men’s actions were before.This brings up two points, if men are so “simple” and all think the same then why is there a need for a second book?, Steve Harvey is gearing up for a new crusade to “help women become more dateable.” Anyone else cringing, or is that just me?It’s not that the man hasn’t had plenty of successful ideas.

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