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If passed, the law would allow the release from prison of men guilty of assaulting a minor if the act was committed without “force, threat, or any other restriction on consent” and if the aggressor “marries the victim”.

The legal age of consent in Turkey is 18 but child marriage is widespread, especially in the southeast.

All persons entering strip clubs must be at least 18 years old.

In 2008, activists and sex workers in Turkey announced they were working on a project to establish Turkey’s first sex workers union.

Warning: We do not recommend any of our readers Google “turkey sex” unless they are particularly interested in pornography from the nation of Turkey.

But a deeper dive into the mating rituals and breeding characteristics of the turkey (animal) reveals some weird, interesting things.

Celebrities waded into the debate, with prominent actress Nurgul Yesilcay tweeting that “what we are talking about is not being a woman in this country, or being a man, but staying a human being”.

Our sex participates in creation, God's inestimable gift.

Operating of illegal prostitution is punishable with a maximum of 1 year imprisonment. Strip clubs must also be licensed and strippers must be registered and have regular health checkups.The opposition, celebrities, and even an association whose deputy chairman is the daughter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed alarm over the move.But the government insisted the legislation was aimed at dealing with the widespread custom of child marriages and the criticism was a crude distortion of its aim.The stakes are much more than the conditions of access to pleasure. The struggle, fought most fiercely over the bodies of women, will condition the future of democracy and the way in which popular sovereignty and the revealed law of Allah share the public sphere.When Kemal Ataturk founded Turkey's republic in 1923 he sought to expel Islam from the public sphere and promote the liberation of women -- their enfranchisement, their schooling and their modern dress.

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