Updating the content type failed

So, when I go to create a new project node I should see textfields for each associated feed, allowing me to associate all the feeds with the project (I'm using the data storage backend).

Node form alters are modified so that config forms of multiple importers are displayed right there on node form if multiple importers have been added to same node type.

If you update content with a subset of properties, you will lose all existing properties not included in that update.

You should always update resources in the following order: HTTP header (this header is automatically set when using our official SDKs).

Note: A professional developer can set the permissions using code for ECT operations (methods) and instances of those operations that specify how to use the operation by using a specific set of default values.

If the version changed in-between, Contentful would reject the update.

However, when I go to create my node, I only see one textfield to enter in the feed URL. My use case: I'm using the project.module to detail projects that I maintain on and I want to attach a few feeds to the node.

The CVS commit history, release history, issue queue etc.

Learn about authenticating to the CMA and get your access token from the developer center.

Contentful doesn't merge changes made to content, so when updating content, you need to send the entire body of an entry.

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